Hi, my name is Manuel Uberti.

Clojure and ClojureScript developer at 7bridges, I started my career in 2004 developing Java enterprise applications. I worked both in Italy and in the United Kingdom for a wide range of customers: petrol companies, hospitals, job centres, insurance companies, banks, fashion stores.

Since 2015 my interest has shifted towards functional programming thanks to languages such as Scheme and Clojure. Some of my work is available on GitHub.

I am a happy GNU/Linux user. I am comfortable with other operative systems, but it’s been years since the last time something different ran on my machines. I use GNU Emacs with a personal configuration for most of my activities.

Aside from computing, I love cinema and sometimes write about it on my other blog Films in Words and on Letterboxd. Avid reader and music listener, I consider a cup of tea to be the supreme relief.